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Satsang is a Sanskrit word which means ‘the company of truth’. It is the forum for awakening the intellect to the eternal knowledge that is hidden within it.

Sat in itself has no language or description within the three states of consciousness (waking, dream and deep sleep) normally accessible and familiar to a human being. But in the atmosphere of satsang, through talks, discussions and questions with someone more knowledgable than we are, ‘truth’ gets revealed through the recognition of its infinite, omnipresent nature.

Satsang awakens the ideal atmosphere for meditation, and meditation unfolds the capacity to assimilate and understand the essence of satsang, so the two go perfectly hand in hand. In meditation the direct experience of that which is focused on in satsang is revealed—the indestructible truth spoken and recorded in the ancient scriptures by enlightened beings over the ages.

In gatherings of satsangees (like-minded inquirers) the atmosphere for reflection and observation is built, and one’s own study is greatly enhanced. The closest company we have is our own mind, so to have a reflection of truth and higher thinking in the form of other satsangees is of the utmost importance. It allows us to transcend our individual mind’s limitations and its habitual tendency to feel small, unworthy and fearful.

Making an in-depth study into the changing nature of the mind, as against the unchanging infinite space, allows a direct and potent sifting process to take place. This makes us aware that anything which changes can neither be controlled nor expected to remain unchanging; therefore, it cannot offer us permanent satisfaction or provide a truthful answer to any issue.

It is the confusion on this point that causes all human beings to suffer at some stage of life. When we accept the nature of the mind, and of all creation, as changing, we begin to write our own book of wisdom that offers us a healthy reference of detachment when things don’t go the way we had hoped.

Satsang and meditation build an invaluable strength which gives us a power that remains established, even and fundamentally free under all circumstances.

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