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The Purpose of the Retreat


The purpose and focus of the retreat is quite simply to discover in our own awareness what it means to be profoundly at ease, and how we can truly live at ease within ourselves. The retreat is open to anyone with a sincere desire to explore this, whatever their background or experience of meditation.


The venue has been selected to support that, set in 16 acres of charming Leicestershire countryside in the heart of the National Forest. Perfect for serene reflective walks and a quiet break from the demands of the world, and our day to day lives. We’ll have the pleasure of fully catered, organic, delicious and healthy satvik meals cooked for us by an accomplished London chef who specialises in whole food plant-based cuisine. 



About Claire


Having lived for over 25 years in the Himalayas under the direct guidance of an enlightened Being, Claire has devoted her life to being fully immersed in coming to understand the non-dual nature of reality, as against the dualistic nature of the individual self.


Her passion as a teacher is exploring how this wisdom shared thousands of years ago, is just as relevant today in helping one to discover a true sense of self-worth, inner stability and well-being. It is always Claire's joy to meet with deep thinkers and enquirers from around the world who are inspired to join her in meditation and conversation.



The retreat will begin at 7.45pm on November 3rd, with an introduction and meditation session. The programme each day will be:


6.45 am  -  7.30 am    Optional Meditation 

7.30 am  -  8.30 am    Breakfast

8.30 am  -  10.00 am  Guided Meditation

10.00 am - 10.30 am  Coffee Break 

10.30 am - 12.00 pm  Dialogue (Q & A)

12.30 pm - 1.30 pm    Lunch

1.30 pm -  3.30 pm     Study/Reflection/Mind-free outdoor movement

3.30 pm -  4.00 pm     Tea

4.00 pm -  5.30 pm     Pranayam/Meditation/Dialogue (Q & A)

6.30 pm -  8.00 pm     Dinner 


We will leave Nanpantan hall at 4.00 pm on November 8th.


For those who feel longer meditations don’t suit them, the option to read, stretch your legs or take time out if necessary is there for you. (Reading material will in any case be provided.)


Weekend-Only Option


There will also be an option to attend the retreat for the weekend, leaving Nanpantan Hall at 4.00pm on Sunday 5th.


To request further information and the booking form please write to 

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