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private consultations online via Zoom

at a flexible date and mutually convenient time.

Whether you are new to meditation and would like to be initiated into the practice, you are a struggling meditator who is looking for guidance and clarity, or whether you are a long-term meditator content with your practice, but inspired to share enlightening conversations about the philosophy of oneness behind it and how both the practice and philosophy can and ideally should be totally integrated in to your own personal life situations ... All are welcome!

To initiate or deepen a regular meditation practice, guidance given by someone who is a long-term, established practitioner and has received direct knowledge from a Master is tremendously beneficial.  

In our sessions, personal instruction will be individually tailored to suit your experience and need. Whatever your level, you will find regular meditation will have profound benefits and positive effects on your daily life.

By not struggling with the idea that thoughts should or can be controlled or stopped, but rather by taking the attention to the power behind the thoughts, an immediate relief and inner stillness will be evident.

In the same way that we cannot control our thoughts, neither can we always control what happens to us internally or externally, physically or emotionally. But we can sincerely persevere with our practice to build a core inner strength and deep sense of unshakeable peace. Even when the odds are stacked against us, this platform of evenness and fearlessness shines through victoriously.

There is nothing we have to give up. Yet to live a doubtless state of well-being and have increasingly regular moments in our day when we are not bound by our story, rather, feel full in our hearts and light and free in our minds, regular meditation is a must. 

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