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“Arjun, many yogis adopt saadhanaa—the actions which should result in the knowledge of Oneness, the knowledge that God alone is—for the sake of attaining the realization of the Self, pure, free, and forever. Yogis who have the sense of “I” as their bodies and who identify their bodies as “me” remain involved, affected, and bound by the results of the actions repeatedly performed on the basis of their ego-identification; whereas the yogi who gives up the idea or knowledge that he performs actions, and holds the thought that all actions are performed only on the basis of God, offers the doership of action to God. He never gets involved. Rather, he remains like the petals of the lotus flower, which do not get wet, involved, or influenced by the water in which they live, even though it touches them. Thus, the yogi who uses the knowledge of his mind to surrender all his actions to God never becomes victimized by the sense of ego-identification, or ignorance.”

  Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5 Verse 10
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