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Falling through rose petals, soaring like a bird

The velvet lining is all that is heard

Sight pierces through and sees only You

The You of the ocean and You of the sky

Nowhere pure vision finds a divide.


Intoxicated by fragrance

Flying higher and higher

I evaporate out of the clutch of maya

Falling into the ocean

To the depths of the blue

Even in the waves

There is no one other than You.


Into the wind my wings are pulled

Spinning and whirling into every little fold

Into the stillness where even breath stops

I find absolutely nowhere where you are not.


The light of the sun relentlessly shines

Having no expectation of its glory divine

Subtly permeating, it reaches the core

Its fire penetrates until I can take it no more.


Into the aakash I spin out of control

Mind is released from the grip of its mold

It disintegrates back from where it originally came

Finding by grace it is actually lame.


Piercing my heart with Krishna’s own bow

Into the chariot as Arjun I go

Into the sky with the grace of your flight

You answer my each and every plight.


Your darshan alone exists for me now

Reaching me beyond any concept of how

But your eyes convey from where it originally came

You are the reason that I remain.


Your sameness of being can never not be

You have convinced me of this and made me ever so free

Yet I am your servant for all eternity

Touching your feet for being the one who liberated me.


The grace of knowing  the nature of change

I have come to embrace as a gift that needs no exchange

The nectarian choice you yourself are

Has drenched my being beyond even afar.


I dive into the depths of your ocean of love

A bird in flight, a peace-loving dove

Into your ocean I wish to drown 

To allow the ultimate most godly meltdown.


I have no preference at all but to be lost in you

This journey for me you always knew

Yet in the loss I will be found

In the very ocean that I have drowned.

   (Claire May 2014)
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